Tuesday Night Comedy on Haight

Being on Haight Street can serve as a pretty valid form of unintentional entertainment. You know like seeing the look of shock and horror on tourist’s faces when they get asked by intentionally homeless hippies for weed money. As fun as this can be however, it does get old pretty fast and you’re going to seek entertainment elsewhere.

Where is this elsewhere, you ask? At the one and only Milk Bar on Tuesday nights! Host Eric Barry turned this bar into a comedy venue about a month ago and it’s a great and affordable way to see some bay area stand up comics. If you arrive at 6:45 you can check out the open mic portion of the night. The open mic runs for an hour then at 8:00 the showcase starts. The showcase has three comics who do ten minute sets and then features a headliner. Some of the bay areas hottest (please forgive me for saying that word) stand up comics such as Casey Ley, Miles K., Alex Koll, and Sean Keane have performed there already.

I got to do the showcase the second week it was running and had a good time. The only bummer about this place is the occasional people that walk in and choose to not be so friendly. I mean, hecklers are a thing all comedy venues have to deal with on occasion but the incidents I’ve seen at Milk Bar take the cake. The first week I remember having to deal with two Rastafarians who were waiting for Reggae Night to start and were not enjoying the whole “listening to jokes” thing, because apparently jokes sound nothing like Bob Marley. Then the second week, some loud verbal argument broke out between two drunk men in the middle of a comic’s set. I think what happened was, one guy was yelling at this other guy for being a rude and disruptive audience member so he chose to deal with this man in a rude and disruptive way. Luckily, things have calmed down since then, but just know that as long as people still choose to be insanely drunk on a Tuesday night, incidents like this have a chance of happening.

Basically, if you want to go out on a Tuesday night, how about checking out some live comedy instead of watching that dumb overpriced movie starring those dumb overpaid pretty people? If you arrive before 8 the show is free, after that it’s five dollars. Seriously, only five dollars. For the price of a burrito you can laugh your ass off. Kind of a sweet deal. Stand up comics would love to have you come out. Really. We need the attention, but more importantly, you need to laugh. |Milk Bar| 21+

1840 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 387-6455