Tartine Bakery

DSC03153-cutout2-webPerched on a corner in the Mission, no sign or awning to give away its location, one could easily drive past without noticing they’ve missed one of the best bakeries in the city. Luckily, the constant line of patrons pouring out the door of Tartine Bakery helps draw the eye, and by constant I mean, rain or shine, expect to see some sort of line. While I was waiting in line to order, I couldn’t help but appreciate the dated decor that’s changed very little since the sixties, exuding a sorta hipster charm that has come to define the Mission district for some.

This is one of my favorite places for buttery/flaky croissants, amazing morning buns, scones, and freshly baked loaves of French bread. I love their macarons, which make a nice gift if you can manage not to eat them first. The chocolate souffle cake is extremely rich and should advisably be consumed with one of their over-sized lattes, which are served in a bowl. For those looking for something savory, try one of their pressed sandwiches or the croque-monsieur. |Tartine Bakery|

600 Guerrero Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 487-2600

Open 7 days a week:
Mon: 8am-7pm
Tues-Wed: 7:30am-7pm
Thurs-Fri: 7:30am-8pm
Sat: 8am-8pm
Sun: 9am-8pm