Roli Roti

One Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA 94111

Also found in select locations throughout the Bay Area, Roli Roti is one of the best versions of mobile street food, utilizing high quality local produce when in season and free range organic meats. The popularity of this mobile rotisserie is quickly apparent with lines that often stretch down the street, regardless of the weather. Patrons love Roli Roti for their whole roasted spiced chickens, rosemary roasted potatoes, succulent porchetta (pork loin wrapped in pork belly), and roasted pork knuckle. Keeping the menu simple is key when serving customers quickly, and the stand operates efficiently with their assembly line of workers processing orders.

While they do operate in multiple locations, the gourmet Porchetta sandwich is only served at Ferry Plaza, which is reason enough to come to the |Farmers Market| on Thursdays and Saturdays. Served on a fresh roll from Acme Bakery, the sandwich is topped with carmelized onions, seasonal greens and a mound of tender pork deliciousness. For hours and locations, check out their web site. |Roli Roti|