Framing May 2009

The following pictures show the project about halfway through framing.  A majority of the wooden joists are in at this point and the house is already starting to take shape. From the rear of the building, two levels are visible, but due to the varied grade, the home actually spans 4 levels from the street. Since the height limit of structures typically follow the grade it is built on, we could have constructed 2 additional levels at the rear of the house. Ultimately the decision was made to keep the size of the home at a little over 4,000 sq ft. We are considering a roof deck, but that is yet to be determined for sure. By having much of the weight distributed to the outer edges of the home, we were able to minimize the number of shear walls required, which helped to create an airy and open layout. The third to last picture shows the 12 foot opening for our 4 panel sliding door, which will create a seamless indoor outdoor space that connects the family room of the house to the rear patio. The final picture of the series shows the last of the sub-floor being installed on the roof.