Golden Star

Goldenstar-FrontageWhen the mood strikes for some authentic Vietnamese cuisine, one place always comes to mind: Golden Star. Located in Chinatown, on a nondescript street adjacent to Portsmouth Square, this very popular lunch spot has an expansive menu of freshly prepared Vietnamese dishes that are both delicious and affordable. The workday lunch is especially busy so it’s common for strangers to share a table.

I usually find myself here when I am craving imperial rolls and a large bowl of regular pho(pronouced Fa), my roommate prefers the special spicy version. Since this restaurant is pretty authentic, some menu items have exotic parts of beef like tripe and tendon, the spicy one even has liver, so it helps to read the variations on the menu. Chicken, pork, and vegetarian options are also available. For those hot days, the cold vermicelli noodle salads are a refreshing alternative to a steamy bowl of hot noodles. After I simply cannot eat another bite, an iced Vietnamese coffee is the perfect end to a great meal.

11 Walter U Lum Place,
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 398-1215

Open 7 days a week:
Mon-Sun: 10am-9pm
Cash only.