Dynamo Donut & Coffee

Donuts-Cutout-web Deep within the Mission, far from its more likely surroundings of chic boutiques and trendy restaurants located further up 24th Street; Dynamo Donut & Coffee is a charming little shop that’s gaining a loyal following for their unique and unconventional donut varieties. Visible mostly by it’s bright yellow paint and green awning, Dynamo’s retro styling and quaint walk-up counter feels like a trip back to 1950s Americana.

Prepared in small batches using local organic ingredients, Dynamo serves up a rotation of 7-10 types of donuts made fresh daily. Some of the flavors include Maple-Glazed Bacon Apple, Caramel del Sel, Spiced Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Star Anise, and Lemon Thyme. While it could be quite the journey just to get here, Dynamo is a great destination for those looking to start their morning off right with a crisp morning paper, fluffy donut, and hot cup of Four Barrel Coffee. Donuts are priced between $2-$3.50; current varieties prepared that day can be found on |Dynamo’s Twitter Page|. |Dynamo Donut & Coffee|Four Barrel Coffee|

2760 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 920-1978

Hours of Operation:
Mon: Closed
Sun: 9am-4pm