Cafe Coton

There are dress shirts, and then there are dress shirts. Cafe Coton makes the latter. Down the street from high profile retail shops by the likes of |Hermes| and |Prada|, this quaint little shop near Union Square is one of only a handful of US locations and is definitely worth a visit. The superior quality over other brands is noticeable in the way these fabrics look and feel; the fine Egyptian cotton comes in a wide spectrum of colors and patterns, and are styled with a European tapered fit with either French or button cuffs. There is even a choice of thread count, the highest of which features mother of pearl buttons, which are an unexpected luxury. In addition to shirts, Cafe Coton makes and sells silk knots, great ties, and very comfy boxers. Remember to check the treasure chest of sale items, which is usually stocked and worth perusing for some great deals. |Cafe Coton|

210 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA, 94108
(415) 837-0937